1. Greg, nicely done! I know you have learned a lot through this process, and I immensely appreciate how you came to work on the data and brought it all together in these past few weeks. I am excited to move this work forward and to see if we can get it published! Good luck in the next phase of your career in Idaho!

  2. Very interesting study, Greg. It was fun to talk with you about it when we were at the Poison Control Center together, and to now see what has come out of it!

  3. Very interesting study! I was curious what the time to habit formation was? It appeared that the PND28 group had a higher amount of conversion to habitual bahavior, but what was the time to achievement? of the animals in the PND 28 group that didn’t covert, would there be a study looking at length of time to habit formation? I wonder if that could be further extrapolated with level of zif268 expression and time to habit formation. This is all very new to me, so this may not be a valid question. Thank you for sharing your findings!

    1. The average time to response (i.e. habit formation was about 14 days, including the days of training. We were worried that if the training took too long, all of the animals would convert the behavior. We we were also hoping that the zif268 expression would correlate with the behavioral data, but we didn’t get the chance to look into that. Dr. Keefe will continue to break these results down, but as of right now I can’t fully answer your question. Sorry!

  4. Greg, very nice job! I really like the data presentation and formatting of the poster.

  5. Great poster Greg. I liked reading your study as ours were so similar, Its fun to read the route on yours in comparison to mine. Strong work! Glad we were able to work together on this project.

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